Home Television On June 1, the TV Channel “2+2” Passes to Wide-Screen Broadcasting

On June 1, the TV Channel “2+2” Passes to Wide-Screen Broadcasting

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The TV channel “2+2”, which is part of the 1+1 Media Holding, passes to broadcast in the format 16:9.
On June 1 of this year, at eleven o’clock a.m., Kyiv time, the TV channel “2+2” will change its TV broadcasting format from the common 4:3 to the wide-screen one 16:9. This is stated in the channel’s official letter, sent to the content providers (its copy is available to the Mediasat).
“As before, the satellite signal of the channel “2+2” will be propagated in the standard-definition format (SD) in the form of anamorphic image (AR) with proportions of 16:9”, as the statement specifies.
At the same time, it is reported on the channel’s test broadcasting in the wide-screen format. It will be carried out on May 11, between 10:00 and 10:30, Kyiv time.
Let us recall that the 1+1 Media Holding has been switching its channels to broadcast in the format 16:9 . According to the Chief Technology Officer of the Group Philip Petrenko, the next stage will be the channels’ transition to broadcast in the HD standard.
Earlier, it also became known about the 1+1 Media’s giving up broadcasting matches of the Ukrainian Football Premier League on the TV channel “2+2” .

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