Home Television DIVAN.TV Completes its TV Package with Channels CNN and Cartoon Network

DIVAN.TV Completes its TV Package with Channels CNN and Cartoon Network

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The company DIVAN.TV has signed a contract to rebroadcast two worldwide famous channels CNN and Cartoon Network. The news and cartoon channels are already available on the video service to subscribers to the packages “Optimal”, “Prestigious”, “VIP” and “Children’s”.

The Cartoon Network is one of the largest TV channels for children’s audience. There are accumulated in one place not only the most recent cartoons, but also all favorite pictures like “Tom and Jerry”, “Scooby Doo” and many others. At the same time, the Cartoon Network’s library has been updated all the time.

CNN (Cable News Network) is a world-known TV channel. CNN was the first company in the world to offer the format of 24-hour news broadcasting and is still considered one of the best TV channels in its segment, accounting for a multi-million audience around the world.

“We are regularly striving to add new channels to the broadcasting pool, thereby expanding the DIVAN.TV’s audience. Talking about the channels like CNN and Cartoon Network, so this is a considerable progress for us. We believe that access to these world-renowned TV channels should be available to every person getting with the times”, as stated by Arkadiy Kanyuka, CEO at DIVAN.TV.

Let us recall that in April, the DIVAN.TV took actions to improve the image streaming quality.

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