Home Telecommunication “Kyivstar” Subscribers Consumed 327 TB of Mobile Traffic during Eurovision-2017

“Kyivstar” Subscribers Consumed 327 TB of Mobile Traffic during Eurovision-2017

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From May 8 to May 14, some 307 million minutes of voice calls were recorded in the “Kyivstar” network in Kiev, and the intensity of messages increased during the semi-finals and the final of the contest. This is stated in the operator’s press release.

During the Eurovision the “Kyivstar” registered more than 8 thousand foreigners who visited the capital of Ukraine. On the day of the final, the number of roaming users grew by almost 30% in the “Kyivstar” network in Kyiv, against the same period in 2016.

In the venues of the event, foreign guests spoke 16 thousand voice minutes, sent and received 13.5 thousand messages, consumed almost 68 GB of mobile Internet (mainly on social networks and streaming video).

The biggest load, directly referred to the song contest, fell upon the base stations serving the International Exhibition Center (IEC), the fan zones on Khreshchatyk Street and St. Sofia’s Square, as well as the Congress and Exhibition Center “Parkovy” that hosted the Eurovision hub.

The voice traffic at those base stations was 1 million minutes for a week; the subscribers consumed 3.3 TB of mobile traffic, as well as sent and received 90 thousand text messages. We recall that in order to ensure high speed, quality and stability of the connection, the “Kyivstar” installed new additional equipment in the IEC, including mobile base stations near the venues of the contest events.

At the same time, in addition to the actual song contest, the citizens and guests of Kiev had an opportunity to visit other interesting events. It was the Kyiv Lights Festival, among others, sponsored by the “Kyivstar”. For three days, from May 12 to May 14, the main stage on Pochtovaya Square was visited by 21,000 people. They were offered to look at the pieces of work of 32 participants from different countries like Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

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