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It was Presented Openbox USB-DVB-T2 Adapter for Receiving Digital Terrestrial Signal on Satellite Set-Top Boxes



The Openbox USB-DVB-T2 adapter for receiving digital terrestrial signal using a satellite set-top box based on the Android operating system was introduced to the Ukrainian market.

The sales of that new device under the Openbox brand started on the Ukrainian television market. This is an Openbox USB-DVB-T2 adapter that allows for receiving digital terrestrial TV signal in DVB-T2 standard on satellite receivers like Openbox AS1, Openbox AS2, as well as on the Openbox A5 IPTV set-top box in the future.

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“To receive a terrestrial signal, it is just enough to connect the adapter to Openbox set-top boxes of AS1 or AS2 models, and then to connect an antenna cable to it. After that, a new section will appear in the set-to- box menu: “Searching for terrestrial channels”. Once scanning is over, the detected terrestrial channels will be placed in the corresponding section of the main list. They can be added to favorites, edited, etc. PVR functions like Record and TimeShift work in the same way”, as explained on the Openbox brand’s official website.

The company also informed that users of satellite set-top boxes Openbox AS1 and Openbox AS2 will be able to record broadcasts simultaneously of up to three channels from satellite and air (DVB-T2).

At the same time, the Openbox developers remark that this adapter will allow users to receive in the future not only a digital terrestrial signal, but also a digital cable TV signal in DVB-C format.

The Openbox USB-DVB-T2 adapter is merchandised in a small cardboard box. And its size is comparable with a USB-flash drive.