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“1+1 Media to Distribute Thematic Channels of the Studios Film.ua and Star Media

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Film.ua and Star Media signed a partnership agreement with the “1+1 Media” Group on the exclusive distribution of channels like Bolt, Star Family and StarCinema. Thus, the distribution portfolio of the media holding enlarged to 21 TV channels, as the official press release states.

This agreement provides for starting the exclusive cooperation as from June 1 this year. Thus, starting from this day, signing contacts to broadcast the above channels in satellite operators’ packages, as well as in cable and IPTV networks requires contacting the distribution office of the “1+1 Media”.

According to the press office, the distribution package of the “1+1 Media” actually accounts for 21 channels. These are seven TV channels of own production (1+1, 2+2, TET, “PlusPlus”, “Bigudi”, UNIAN, 1+1 International) and “Kvartal TV”. Moreover, the Group’s portfolio contains ten TV channels of the international holding Viacom (Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon HD, Nick Jr, MTV, MTV Dance, MTV Hits, MTV Rocks, MTV LiveHD, VH1 European and VH1 Classic). At that, this list is completed with three new film and TV series channels like Bolt, Star Family and Star Cinema.

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