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MRM Presents a Research of the Ukrainian Channels’ Content

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The Media Resources Management (MRM) presented a research of Ukrainian TV channels’ content.

The crisis, which broke out in 2014, significantly affected the television market in the following years. Another key determinant was the restriction of Russian content in Ukraine. In the broadcasting grid there appeared a lot of reruns of broadcasts and TV series, and the number of premieres decreased.

In 2014, the leader  was TV series, i.e. they occupied 31% of broadcasting, and various broadcasts and shows some 21% of the  airtime. In 2015, the trend changed, and in 2016, the shares of TV series and shows switched positions.

The TV series are inferior to the TV shows, and they made 32% in 2016 (over 17 thousand hours of broadcasting) of the running broadcasting time of the Top 6 Ukrainian channels. The TV series are 20% (less than 10.5 thousand hours of broadcasting), films and TV films 16% (8.35 thousand hours).

Every year, the share of Russian TV series in the airtime has been decreasing, while the share of the Ukrainian ones has been growing. The share of Russian product decreased from 68% in 2014 to 33% in 2016, while the share of Ukrainian TV series increased from 7% in 2014 to 39% in 2016.

During the media-breakfast held under the aegis of the Media Resources Management, the invited representatives of TV channels 2+2, TET, “Novyi Kanal” and “Ukraina” discussed the recent market trends.

Sergei Evdokimov, General Producer at “Novyi Kanal”, spoke about the growth of own production. The “Novyi Kanal” managed to  start cooperation with the largest Ukrainian studios like StarMedia and FILM.UA. “It is more effective to film shows than TV series”, as Mr. Evdokimov stated. In addition, a show is associated with the brand of the TV channel versus TV series, which can be broadcasted anywhere.

The screen adaptation of Ukrainian classics is gaining popularity.

The participants agree that the audience prefers domestic Ukrainian content with identical cultural patterns, comprehensible plots, native cities, hryvnas, etc. The commercial content from Russia and other countries is less popular. Victoria Shulzhenko, General Producer at the TV channel TET, shared her bad experience in purchasing Turkish TV series.

At that, Russia remains the main foreign customer of Ukrainian content. The “Novyi Kanal” sold its content to Russian channels “Pyatnitsa”, “Yu” and others. But Ukrainian TV channels do not desire to incur coproduction risks, since there is a serious possibility that this content will get under the ban of Ukrainian laws.

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