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“Clear Sky” Compiles Lists of Pirates and their Sponsoring

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One of the efficient anti-piracy measures is an advertisers’ refusal to advertise on illegal resources. If an economic boycott against pirates has long been widely applied in the world, then the understanding of acting within legal framework is just beginning to come to Ukraine. After all, the problem of piracy concerns not only the copyright holders, it is impossible to build a legal and transparent market, while some of the partners work outside the law.
The “Clear Sky” Anti-piracy Initiative presented its new project blacklists.org.ua .
Katerina Fedorova, representing the above association, said that the website would publish a list of sites that copyright holders consider pirated. This list will serve as a guide for advertisers, who want to cooperate only with legal partners. The website will also contain a list of brands with advertisements detected on pirate resources.
The monitoring is arranged by the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association (UAPA). The Deputy Head of the Association Igor Mikhailov said that monitoring was run on illegal sites that were popular in Ukraine.
Andrey Osipov, a lawyer and an expert at the Institute of Mass Information, said that changes in legislation would affect advertisers, especially those that placed their advertising on illegal resources. The placement of content that does not bring profit to copyright holders is illegal, and accordingly, the advertisers may be accused of financing piracy. In order to avoid this, the lawyer recommends verifying partners and introducing special terms into the contracts with advertising agencies. A more reliable option is the formulation of clear contractual terms about the placement site and way, and as a reference point, it is advisable to specify a blacklist or whitelist. Moreover, the lawyer recommends providing for an option of an immediate termination of the cooperation with the website, if there appear claims to it from copyright holders.
Addressing the piracy problem will level up the international status of Ukraine as a business partner.
Steve Rynecki, Acting Administrator of the Economic Growth Department of USAID Ukraine, believes that although Ukraine has a huge economic potential, it is not yet attractive to investors because of gray areas in business, including due to piracy.
Tamas Kiraly, Director for Intellectual Property, Trade Department of the European Commission, recalled that in 2015, the intellectual property protection recommendations were handed over to Ukraine, but they have not been implemented so far. “We can see some progress, still the formal one, but this is a motion in the right direction. In many respects, the adopted anti-piracy laws will assist it”, as Mr. Kiraly believes.
The European Commission has been thoroughly monitoring intellectual property rights protection, drawing up annual reports. The Commission pays a special attention to Ukraine, since the country neighbors the EU countries and its legal security is important to them.

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