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Xtra TV adds more than 20 new channels, the most rated ones will remain in three months



On June 14, 22 new TV channels start broadcasting on the Xtra TV.
The satellite pay TV operator Xtra TV, which is part of the “Media Group Ukraine”, adds more than twenty new channels to the TV packages free of any additional fee. After three months and according to TV viewing results, the operator will remove the least rated channels from the platform’s offer.
The Xtra TV’s official website specifies that new channels will be added to the following packages: Xtra MIX, “Kino” and “Krugozor”. At the same time, the subscription fee to the above packages will remain unchanged.
“New TV channels will be available during three months. After that, only those gaining the highest viewing ratings will remain in the packages. This initiative is aimed at completing the Xtra TV’s offer with just those channels that are really interesting to subscribers”, as the operator states.
The list of channels that started broadcasting on the Xtra TV on June 14 is as follows:
Kino Polska International, FilmBox, FilmBox Arthouse, Star Cinema HD, Docubox HD, Fast & Funbox HD, Fightbox HD, Nautical Channel, SEA TV, Gametoon Box, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, ZEE TV, Children’s World, Erotica TV, Erox HD, Kino Polska Muzyka International, 360TuneBox, FashionBox, Viasat Sport HD, Food Network HD and Fine Living HD.