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Astro Strobel’s Top Product 2017


The main innovation of the company ASTRO Strobel in 2017 became the new IP-PAL head-end station U224, as the company’s representative Germann Geer informed the Mediasat. The name says it all that the station converts 24 analog channels from IP, it is significantly cheaper than U100 line, performing the same functions as its older brother of the U100 line, it has 3 independent modules and an option of their autonomous replacement, significantly reducing costs on spare parts, analog picture manual settings (video adjustment features are available in the top devices U116/U118x). The head-end station was designed and made in Germany. U224 adjusts visual video artifacts, separately in terms of luminance channel and the color one. The operator gets an option of a step-by-step adjustable filtration of the luminance channel band and an accurate “pixel-by-pixel” adjustment of temporary shift of color difference data with respect to the luminance data. FEC, RTP, 3 pairs of groups of input video data ports (3 x 2 x 1000 BaseT) and 3 groups of control ports (3 x 2 x 100BaseT) provide redundancy schemes in the event of IP-link fault, both for video data and management.