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MEGOGO Launches the FOX Channel on the First-Run Day of the New Season of “Games of Thrones”

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The worldwide famous TV series channel FOX became available on MEGOGO. Thus, Ukrainian audience can watch episodes of the new seventh season of the monumental TV series “Game of Thrones” simultaneously with the whole world. This was reported to the Mediasat by the video service’s press office.
Starting today, the video service MEGOGO has added the FOX Channel to its subscription offer. This is a channel with eagerly awaited content, with TV series and broadcasts that make even the most outcast opponents of TV get stuck to the screens. In the near future, Ukrainian users can track the stories of such TV series as “Bones”, “The Walking Dead”, “Criminal Minds”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two and a Half Men” and, of course, the long-awaited new season of the TV series “Game of Thrones”.
It is also important that The FOX Channel’s content is available in a catch-up mode. This allows Ukrainian MEGOGO users not to be strictly bound to the broadcasting schedule, but to watch recorded video within next seven days.
For the time being, the MEGOGO platform’s TV library accounts for over 165 channels. The video service gathered the best international, national, regional and thematic channels, as well offers a large set of own interactive channels, arranged by genre. TV channels are available to watch on any device connected to the Internet.

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