Guy Bisson
Growing OTT sector has influenced the whole Pay-TV market for the last few years. Guy Bisson, Research Director in Ampere Analysis, analyst firm  based in London, disclosed his vision and gave some tips on Pay-TV market in a brief interview to Mediasat.  Mr. Bisson is a leading analyst for pay TV and multichannel and has been engaged in media analysis and forecasting for 20 years.

According to Ampere Analysis’s research customers tend to add OTT, VoD services to their regular linear TV package.  In mid-2015 24% of responders had bundle TV, at the end of Q1 2017 the number  increased up to  40%. “In some countries, for example Scandinavian, the situation is different. Viewers decline cable TV in favour of OTT, they don’t keep them together”, says Mr. Bisson.

The main driver of users’ interest to OTT is exclusive content, quality dramas remain in high demand. The next trend is localized globalization, which means high-budget production in a local language, but aimed at a global audience. OTT majors, Netflix, Amazon, Sky implement  this trend widely. They acquire local dramas and series and make it available all over the world. The next tip to be used by providers is distributing content in local languages. For local OTT providers high quality local series and movies may become a significant advantage in their country, meanwhile they may sale authour rights abroad to global providers.

Guy Bisson considers that partnership of traditional Pay-TV providers and OTT will create a successful business model, using the global trend, when customers create their own TV offer.

Traditional Pay-TV operators may provide their platforms for OTT. I will go into details about business cases of such cooperation and show some practical ways to make it easier on the coming Telco Trends conferenceTelco Trends conference (The conference is held 15 – 17 August in Jurmala, Latvia. – Mediasat).