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Cyber Police: 75% of Wi-Fi Networks in Ukraine are Subject to Cyber Attacks

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The experts of the Department of Cyber Police conducted an analysis, which resulted in finding out that most wireless networks (Wi-Fi) in Ukraine have a very low security level and are subject to hacker attacks.

“The analysis evidences that some 75% of Wi-Fi networks can be successfully attacked. The access to private or public local computer networks is possible in every second system with a wireless network”, as stated on the Cyber Police’s official profile in the social network Facebook.

The Cyber Police also emphasizes that the modes of attacks on corporate and state infrastructures remain unchanged, i.e. using common well-known software vulnerabilities and defects.

The analysis also detects that information systems of private and public entities have become more vulnerable to external intrusion over the recent two years. At the same time, the timing and organizational efforts of hackers to conduct such attacks have importantly decreased.

“The analysis, carried out by the Department’s experts, shows that there are critical vulnerabilities in almost half of the information infrastructures of private and public entities. Independent researchers point out that a significant ratio of such vulnerabilities (40%) are errors in software configuration, errors in software code (27% of systems) and lacking or inopportune security updates (20% of systems)”, as the statement specifies.

It is particularly remarked that a fairly large number of web applications have various vulnerabilities. In 77% of cases of remote intrusion in information systems, the unlawful access was possible right due to vulnerabilities in web applications of resources that were attack victims.