Home Television QTV to be Reorganized into the Channel “Oce” Focused on Adult Audience

QTV to be Reorganized into the Channel “Oce” Focused on Adult Audience

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The TV channel QTV, which is part of the StarLightMedia Group, will be reorganized into a new entertaining TV project “Oce”. This is featured by the “Detector Media”, referring to the resolution of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council, which amended the channels’ license.
Specifically, it is remarked that the updated license contains information about changes in the content concept and logo from “QTV” to “Oce”.
Unlike QTV, the content of which targeted teenagers, the TV channel “Oce” will focus on the audience age 35+. The channel’s broadcasting time will be configured with an entertainment content of the StarLightMedia’s production. In fact, this will be a channel of rerun broadcasts of the TV channels “STB” and “Novy Channel”.
The StarLightMedia explains the reorganization of its teen channel into the entertainment one for economic reasons, since many advertisers give up placing their advertising on the air, which is virtually focused on children’s audience.
Let us recall that earlier the TV channel QTV was called “Kui-TV”. It started broadcasting in September 2008, and targeted young men. In February 2010, the channel was renamed as QTV, and at the beginning of present year, it changed its content concept to the child-teen one.

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