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“Ukrkosmos” and Regional TV Channels Design a Satellite Technological Network

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On September 11, the satellite technological network “Krajina TV” starts its operation to exchange content between regional broadcasters. Some 20 Ukrainian TV channels representing the top broadcasters in the regions and cities of Ukraine, signed a Memorandum on exchanging author’s TV shows and TV content of own production.
These are TRC “Vidikon” (Sumy), TRC “RAI” (Ivano-Frankovsk), TRK “Pravda TUT” (Lviv), TRC “TV7 Plus” (Khmelnitsky), TRC “Rivne 1” (Rovno), “SK 1” (Zhitomir), TRC “Avers” (Lutsk), “Channel 7” (Odessa) among others.
The network is supported by the state-owned enterprise “Ukrkosmos”, offering its satellite teleport for this platform. The signal transmission and distribution is provided by the international satellite operator Spacecom via the satellite AMOS-7 (4W), covering the entire territory of Ukraine. During network testing scheduled for 3 months, the TV channels will develop TV signal delivery and reception modes, as well as data encryption and transmission rates. To optimize satellite capacity, TV signal will be transmitted in the DVB-S2/MPEG-4 standard. A package of 19 channels, including 13 SD and 6 HD ones, will be available for TV companies throughout Ukraine.
It is expected that the technological TV network “Krajina TV” would be basic to further creation of a regional TV satellite platform. The Memorandum on sharing network use is open to join by any regional TV and radio companies with licenses for terrestrial TV broadcasting or digital broadcasting, which following their content concept create original (author’s) TV and radio shows and programs of these broadcasters’ own production. For any question on participation in the “Krajina TV” project, please contact the state-owned enterprise “Ukrkosmos” by phone (044) 369-5152 or by e-mail: info@ukrkosmos.kiev.ua.
Yuri Balychеv, First Deputy Director General at “Ukrkosmos”, comments on: “This new service lays the groundwork for changes in the Ukrainian broadcasting market and allows regional channels to exchange their content and distribute it throughout the country. Designing this new digital platform using the satellite AMOS-7 by Spacecom we will significantly advance new technologies in Ukraine and come close to creating a commercial satellite platform for regional TV channels”.
Jehuda Amir, vice president for CIS and Romania sales at AMOS-Spacecom, adds: “The Ukrainian regional package on the satellite AMOS-7 will make a new market, offering an easy transition point to the digital format for the local market that would turn the Ukrainian traditional broadcasting market into an exciting and rapidly growing telecom environment”.
It is expected that the platform would facilitate the development of regional television, as the package of channels available throughout Ukraine looks much more attractive to advertisers. The Mediasat featured the “Ukrkosmos”’s terms and conditions for teleport services.

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