Home Television VOD-platform OVVA.tv Starts Operating under the Brand 1+1 Video

VOD-platform OVVA.tv Starts Operating under the Brand 1+1 Video

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The platform already operates online at 1plus1.video.
In order to consolidate the media group’s content under a single brand, the 1+1 Media has restarted its VOD- platform OVVA.tv under the 1+1 video brand.
“The service OVVA.tv has been operating as a video content aggregator for 1+1 Media and its partners, but it lacked integration with TV channels’ websites. Therefore, that concept was dismissed in favor of a single VOD-platform for the entire media group’s resources”, as it was clarified to the Mediasat by the media holding’s press office.
The updated platform, in addition to its own broadcasts and films shown on the 1+1 Media channels’ air, also offers a content to which the holding has licensing rights.
The 1+1 video operates on the advertising model, but there is actually underway the development of a feature that would allow users to get an ad-free subscription.
The 1+1 video will contain all the content shown on the air of the media group’s TV channels and to witch the 1+1 Media has licensing rights. The access to the video archive will be free when using the advertising model. An additional option is being developed as a paid ad-free subscription.
This synergy of websites and projects of the 1+1 Media will increase the lead in viewing video online and will improve its overall performance.
Today, the VOD-platform remains integrated with the website of the TV channel “2+2”, and the channels like “TET”, “PLUSPLUS” and “1+1” will gradually switch to it as well.
Let us recall that the OVVA.tv service was launched in February 2016.

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