Home Business Revenues of Moldova’s Pay-TV Operators Grew by 4.6%

Revenues of Moldova’s Pay-TV Operators Grew by 4.6%

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Despite reducing number of subscribers to pay-TV services, Moldovan operators boosted their income.
The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Moldova (ANRCETI) presented its report stating that in the first half of the year, the pay-TV market registered a small income growth in selling TV services. Specifically, as compared to the first half of previous year, the total sales of pay-TV services (mainly cable and IPTV) grew by 4.6% and amounted to MDL 79 million (some USD 4.5 million).
At the same time, against the backdrop of revenue growth, the subscriber base decreased by 3.1% in the same period and amounted to 262.2 thousand users.
The lion’s share of sales of pay-TV services accrues to IPTV operators. Earnings from these services increased by 16.9%, as compared to the same period in 2016, and amounted to MDL 36 million. At the same time, the sales of cable TV services decreased by 3.5% and amounted to more than MDL 43.3 million. Due to such behavior, the average monthly revenue per subscriber (ARPU) of pay-TV services grew by 6.9% and amounted to 49.6 lei.
During the reporting period, the number of cable TV operators’ subscribers dropped by 5.9% and amounted to 180.6 thousand. However, the number of IPTV operators’ subscribers, on the contrary, increased by 3.7% and amounted to 81 thousand.
The report also observes that 69% of Moldovans still go on using cable operators’ services, and 31% of them remain subscribed to IPTV providers’ TV packages.
At first half-year end, the market shares of Moldovan operators were as follows:
1. Moldtelecom – 32%;
2. Sun Communications – 24,2%;
3. TV BOX – 13,1%.
The remaining 30.7% is the cumulative share of other 75 providers of pay-TV services.

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