Home Business iNeXT Merges with ROMSAT. This Allows Commercializing Innovative OTT/IPTV Set-Top Boxes

iNeXT Merges with ROMSAT. This Allows Commercializing Innovative OTT/IPTV Set-Top Boxes

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The results of the UCOS Conference were not long in coming. The strategic merger of the two companies will provide for designing innovative products for the telecom industry in Ukraine.
At the UCOS 2017 Conference in Bukovel, the ROMSAT and iNeXT announced the consolidation of their efforts in the multimedia segment. The developer of media players iNeXT integrates into the ROMSAT Group to design innovative devices in the OTT and IPTV TV segment, as the companies’ representatives informed the Mediasat.

“Set-top boxes have always been our strong business line. We started with them more than 20 years ago and successfully go on developing this business today. The synergy with iNeXT is a logical step in our development. ROMCAT will be able to affect directly the end product, making it the most in demand among consumers”, as stated by Andriy Dudko, Chief of Marketing at ROMASAT.
The competencies of ROMCAT will be expanded with the tasks of rollout and promotion of new devices, as well as supporting B2B customers and developing a dealer network. The software design will be carried out jointly with the R&D Center of iNeXT. The service and support of all end customers will remain unchanged and interrupted.

“INeXT has been operating in Ukraine since 2011, and during this time we have managed to gain a foothold in the TOP-3 of the best media players. I believe that joining efforts with ROMSAT will allow us to take the lead in this segment in the near future. Actual solutions by ROMSAT are getting better. The best solutions by iNeXT are becoming more accessible”, as Denis Oleynik, CTO at iNeXT, assured the Mediasat.

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