Home Tech Review Satellite Set-Top Box Openbox S3 Micro HD Comes into Market

Satellite Set-Top Box Openbox S3 Micro HD Comes into Market

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The new market entry set-top box Openbox S3 Micro HD is designed for receiving satellite TV broadcasts.

The manufacturing company classes this model as a “modern budget set-top box for viewing HDTV”.

Openbox S3 Micro HD is designed basing on a modern and fast ALI 3510 processor with 32-bit architecture. This allows it to support various television standards like DVB-S, DVB-S2, MPEG2/MPEG4 and HDTV.

Despite the small size of the set-top box, the manufacturer managed to equip it with numerous additional connectors: two USB 2.0; RF IN for connecting a satellite dish cable; AV OUT – analog signal output; HDMI – digital signal output for connecting TV; IR – for connecting an external IR receiver; RS 232 serial port; DC 12V – power adapter of the set-top box.

The set-top box is compatible with the file systems FAT16/FAT32/NTFS, it also supports USB-WiFi adapters and 3G modems.

An interesting feature of the Openbox S3 Micro HD is its vehicle-battery-operated option due to a 12V power supply. The set-top box can also be installed on the rear part of a TV-set. For this purpose, the delivery set provides for a special Velcro sticky back tape for fixing it on the rear part of the TV panel, as well as an external IR receiver.

In addition to a user-friendly media player, the set-top box also has a built-in YouTube service. Unlike many competitors, it is not designed just to “tick the box”, but allows users to comfortably find and watch content.


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