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“Ukrkosmos” Plans Setting up two Satellite Broadcasting Platforms: DTH Premium and DTH Lowcost

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“Ukrkosmos” Plans Setting up two Satellite Broadcasting Platforms: DTH Premium and DTH Lowcost

Today, the company “Ukrkosmos” has been examining some options to set up two projects of DTH-platforms. They can be finally combined into one project, or simultaneously developed. This was announced to the Mediasat by Yuri Balychov, First Deputy Director General at “Ukrkosmos”.

The first project is DTH Premium. This is a platform, designed for a solvent audience, ready to pay for high-quality premium content.

“However, this platform’s development may face problems with its content. After all, good, high-quality content like sports, good movies and so on requires efforts to find it. Then, there arise problems with its language and other localization on our market”, as Mr. Balychev assures.

The second project is DTH Lowcost, focused on the middle class. It will be much easier and more interesting to develop it. And it will be the very project and content to be easily offered to this 85-90% of undecided middle-income households. And, according to “Ukrkosmos”, there is a real chance to make those people engaged.

Moreover, as Yuri Balychev remarks, this project is provisionally encouraged by the Spacecom. This company is ready not only to support it, but also to take a direct part in its implementation and promotion. And if at all, when the Spacecom turns out convinced, it will be a big win of the project. After all, many of previous Ukrainian DTH platforms turned down partially due to the fact that the above satellite operator only provided them with capacities, not feeling too much interest in their life and evolution.

“Ukrkosmos”, in turn, has all the relevant technological solutions and equipment “tuned” for DTH. The company can packetize channels, as well as operate with a variety of encryption systems. For the time being, this equipment is used just for channels’ satellite uplink. Though, it is ready to operate as part of a Pay-TV platform at any moment. Therefore, it is up to investors and all interested in the project, and then the company may start outlining specific steps towards its implementation, as Yuri Balychev resumes.

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