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Video trends for 2018: measurement and video growth


The conference “Video trends for 2018” took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 12 December. Top managers of leading Israeli companies engaged in creating video industry discussed the most relevant business scenarios for upcoming 2018. As far as the Israeli companies are among leaders in IT video solutions their trends are relevant to the global video industry. Mediasat visited the venue and picked up the key messages.

Measurement  of viewing has become the key point for video industry and was mentioned often during the conference as well as researching of a customer behavior. The preferences varies from smart solutions capturing the moment when viewer’s eyes were watching the screen to creative approach of analyzing his behavior. Speakers agreed that getting to the common standart of measurement will improve the situation on advertising market. “If you can’t measure how the campaign was, go to the street ads…”

Big advertising campaigns will be divided into the smaller ones with more effective measurement.

Alex McArtur, CMO in Purple, thinks that it will be used more creative way of measurement, without mathematics and wastes of billion of dollars in vain for advertising.

“TV is getting more personalized, moving from a living room to rooms of all family members, which influences measurement, too” mentioned Rafi Ton, CEO in Nuviad.

The challenge is that there is no customers who love to watch advertising: the ad guard is getting more strong and popular, forcing video to imrove.

Yotam Cohen, COO and Co-Founder of Wibbitz, said that Amazon  videos will compete Google and Facebook. He is sure that video will win text stories. This is why his platform Wibbitz was created, using the service  you can download text and then get automatically created video relative to your story.