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Ukrainian-Made Shows Inflight and in Some Countries of the World

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MK-Distribution (incorporated into the MK Media Group, Ukraine), Ukrainian distributor of content for television, digital, outdoor and indoor rights, has made a number of deals with TV channels, distributors and IFE providers (“inflight entertainment”), selling shows of Ukrainian production. This was reported to the Mediasat by the company’s press office.

One of the leading European distributors Mobibase (France), engaged in distributing TV content for viewing on various mobile TV/VOD devices, has signed a contract with MK-Distribution for acquiring mobile and OTT rights. Two shows will now be broadcasted in MENA and Pakistan: “CoolLook” (350×12 minutes, tips for well-being and beauty in four segments: makeups, fitness, hairstyle and manicure) and “LunchBox” (140×7 minutes, cooking show with simple ideas for a tasty and compact lunch to go).

Megafon, a Russian telecom company, as well as mobile and fixed-line operator, picked out educational shows for children from the MK-Distribution offer: “Aunt Owl’s Lessons” (“Multipedia”) and several intershows like “Secret Ingredient” (100×3 minutes, cooking), “World in Pictures” (100×5 minutes, video guide to various cities all over the world).

The family channel “+ TV” (Belarusian media holding BELVIASAT) will broadcast several cooking shows (“Tea Mood” 50×2 minutes, “Secret Ingredient” 100×3 minutes), “CoolLook” 350×12 minutes, as well as the New Year’s show “Tomorrow is New Year” (English version “Anyday Holiday” (26 episodes featuring traditions of celebrating the New Year and Christmas in different countries).

We prefer getting with entertainment even when traveling. During their flight, passengers tend to watch short videos (sure, not mentioning feature films and cartoons). The Global Eagle Entertainment acquired the “Carving Day” (100×3 min) from the MK-Distribution for Air Europa’s passengers, the show that phases in uncommon techniques of artistic cutting of fruits and vegetables. In addition to cooking shows, the Irish content provider Inflight Dublin has opted for short “RE: Art” videos (100×3 minutes) for “AirAstana” and “Norwegian Air Shuttle”. One can now watch on the screen how the artist pencils famous masterpieces of world-renowned artists.

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