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Ukrainian Film “The Infoholic” to be Shown in the Capital of the United Arab Emirates

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December 15, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates will host the screening of the Ukrainian teen comedy “The Infoholik”, co-produced by the NLO TV Channel, the “Mamahohotala” Studio and the Idea Production Company.
The film, directed by Valentin Shpakov and Vladislav Klimchuk, will be shown in the framework of the “Ukrainian Cinema Evenings in Abu Dhabi”, which are regularly organized in the capital of the Emirates by the Ukrainian Community.
The event starts at 17:00 local time, in the BP office’s cafe. Free admission (preliminary registration is on the Facebook pages of the Ukrainian Community in the UAE). Cookies, popcorn, tea and coffee are free to all visitors.
The screening of “The Infoholic” in Abu Dhabi is under the auspices of Victoria Korogod, CEO at TV Channel “Ukraina”; Ivan Bukreyev, CEO at NLO TV and the film producer; NGO “World Vyshyvanka Day”; and the film team.
The Ukrainian Cinema Evenings in Abu Dhabi aim at promoting Ukraine and its cinema in the
international community of the UAE. Film screenings are attended by both Ukrainian and foreign residents of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other northern emirates.

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