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1+1 Media Starts Cooperation with Video Services MEGOGO and ivi. Fibe Alt TV and Amazon Prime Video Coming Next

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1+1 Media started its cooperation with international OTT services MEGOGO and ivi as part of the strategy of the Group’s footprint on digital platforms. This is stated in the media group’s press release, a copy of which is available to the Mediasat.

Under the terms of the signed contracts, the media holding will complete the video libraries of the two largest East European online cinemas with 600 episodes in Ukrainian and Russian. As for 1+1 Media, the sale of films, TV series and shows of own production to OTT platforms is the next step in the Group’s video distribution development, as the statement specifies.

“Today, the OTT market experiences a new milestone of its evolution. If before, video services bought films and TV series produced only by Western majors, then today, they try to satisfy the demand for a local product. A good rule of thumb is that 1+1 Media produces successful and demanded content, which is interesting not only for terrestrial or linear broadcasts, but also in the OTT/VOD segment”, as remarked by Anna Tkachenko, Chief Digital Officer at “1+1 Media.

For the time being, the Group has successfully implemented the footprint strategy of the 1+1 video project on the Internet. First and foremost, focusing on cooperation with video services is due to global changes in content consumption: users prefer OTT services, which offer not only linear television, but also video on demand (VOD).

In its work with foreign partners, the media holding focuses on countries with a large number of Ukrainian expats. The next platform for the 1+1 Media’s content footprint will be the OTT platform Fibe Alt TV of the Canadian Bell Telecom Group. Amazon Prime Video is coming up in the near future.

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