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Youtube – Spyware, Cyber Solution from Israel Aerospace Industries

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At the CyberTech Exhibition held in Tel Aviv on January 29-31, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), manufacturer and developer of solutions for the Israeli defense, space and aircraft industries, presented its software that allows using video clips on YouTube and other platforms for security and intelligence purposes.

Radar monitoring is at the heart of this software, i.e. the ability to identify and filter desired images, for example, to distinguish a bird or a cloud from an aircraft. The same method is applied when processing a huge video array on the Internet to select objects that contain useful information.

Dani Paslev (IAI) told Mediasat that the above solution would be helpful not only to the national security services, but also to large companies in the financial sector.

IAI has long been working on solutions for business, based on the state-of-the-art developments in defense and space industries. For example, the cyber security system From Sensors to Centers allows for processing data on social media, cloud services, Wi-Fi access points; while Res-Q-Cell assists in finding by cellular and rescuing victims of floods, earthquakes and other disasters.

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