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Divan.TV Allows Audiences to Watch the Olympics whenever Convenient to The

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The interactive TV service Divan.TV will provide free access to UA:Pershyi’s off-air broadcasts of more than two hundred competitions. This will allow its audiences to follow the Winter Olympics, held in South Korea from 9 to 25 February, whenever
convenient to them.
The list of new off-air broadcasts is available to viewers via the specially created Telegram channel t.me/OlimpDivan.
“A simple and handy tool aggregates links to all off-air broadcasts of UA:Pershyi in the format of a daily digest. The access to broadcasts will require only signing up, i.e. all off-air broadcasts are free of charge. Broadcasts are available for free on the Divan.TV website to all Ukrainian residents, as well as via the apps for Smart TV, smartphones and media players”, as announced in the video service’s statement.
The off-air broadcasts of competitions are available daily on the Divan.TV website in the “TV Archive” Section during the week. “The Olympics are of great interest to Ukrainian audiences, but many people are not able to watch live broadcasts, since most of the competitions take place during business hours due to the time lag with South Korea. As for these audiences, we offer an option to watch almost 200 off-air broadcasts of Olympic events. The access to the above broadcasts is free for registered users of the service. They can be watched at any convenient time on TV, PC and smart devices during a week from the broadcasting day. In addition, we have created a Telegram-channel to provide quick and convenient access to the off-air broadcasts of competitions. We post the latest digests on Telegram daily, (from 9 to 25 February)”, as reported by Viktor Shemchuk, Chief Marketing Officer at Divan.TV.

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