Home Business Kyivstar Offers the Highest Price for Three Lots during 4G Tender

Kyivstar Offers the Highest Price for Three Lots during 4G Tender

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On 31 January 2018, the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NCCIR) held a seven-lot tender for obtaining license to introduce fourth-generation communications in the frequency band of 2600 MHz.

As a result of the public tender, Kyivstar offered “by ear” the highest price for lots No 3,4,5, granting the right to use radio frequencies in the bands of 2530-2535/2650-2655 MHz, 2525-2530/2645-2650 MHz and 2520-2525/2640-2645 MHz, respectively. The company offered UAH 916 301 954 for the above lots. This is net of conversion fee.

“I am pleased with the tender results. Kyivstar, as the market leader, needs the largest number of frequencies to provide a high-quality service and the fastest data transfer rate for its over 26 million customers. Therefore, as expected, we purchased three lots, ensuring a continuous spectral band of 2×15 MHz, which allows for providing services at the highest possible speed, thus being aware of the booming telecom market, and of the fact that we will soon require additional frequencies for the full launch of IoT products, development of Mobile ID and other services. The tender turned out very competitive, which underlines a good preparation of the regulator and high demand of the market”, as commented on by Petr Chernyshov, President of Kyivstar.

As early as 2017, the company started installing additional 4G equipment on existing base stations. More than 500 base stations of Kyivstar in the largest cities of Ukraine, sea resorts, at border crossing points have already gotten prepared to launch 4G in the band of 2600 MHz. In 2018, the operator is about to install another 600 base stations to expand the coverage and capacity of its network. Kyivstar will build a network that allows the company to keep on the leader in terms of quality of communications and services.

According to the instructions to that tender, the NCCIR shall officially announce the winning bidders on its website within five working days after it is over.

In the next 30 running days, the telecom operators are required to pay out the full amount of the license fee. They are also required to start providing 4G services in one of the regions within 6 months after getting license, as well as to deploy their network in all regional centers within 54 months after obtaining license.

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