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Ukrtelecom 2017: Record High EBITDA, Billion Hryvnias of Investment in Network

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Starting from 2014, Ukrtelecom’s financial performance proves the company’s efficient operation. So, according to the results of 2017, like in previous periods, the company’s income keeps on stable, amounting to UAH 6.654 billion, while EBITDA reached record-breaking UAH 1.867 billion, and EBITDA margin was 28.1%. The net profit totaled UAH 867 million in 2017.

“Yet again, Ukrtelecom showed high annual financial performance. This stability in 2017, the same as during the previous three years, proves the accuracy of the company’s strategy and its team’s commitment to its implementation”, as remarked by Yuri Kurmaz, CEO at “Ukrtelecom”.

The income from telecom services amounted to UAH 5.767 billion. Individuals were provided with services for UAH 3.647 billion, which is 1.4% more than a year ago. And this is despite the negative impact of copper cable thefts and churn trends.

The earnings go on growing in the corporate segment. In general, they increased more than by 8% to nearly UAH 1.314 billion, and the ones from Internet services and data traffic – by 25.7% and 17.6%, respectively.

The level of revenues from fixed-line telephony is decreasing due to shrinking subscriber base. At the end of 2017, the operator served some 4.7 million active telephone lines, receiving revenue from this business of UAH 3.042 billion.

At the same time, the receipts from Internet services and data traffic go on growing. Last year, they increased to almost UAH 1,722 billion. Ukrtelecom provides access to the worldwide network to more than 1.5 million subscribers in almost 2200 localities of the country, connecting another 70 towns and villages. The company also provides the Internet under FTTB and GPON technologies to mass consumers in more than 60 cities and villages. The traffic consumption of residential Internet users has increased up to 73 GB per month (by 12%), and this figure is almost three times as much in the upgraded network, i.e. 200 GB monthly.

The operator goes on implementing projects to build fiber-optic channels for fuel filling stations, shopping and entertainment centers, hotel facilities, just to offer them modern services, including high-speed Internet and licensed television.

More specifically, more than 1100 screens in HoReCa establishments are already connected to the service “TV Business”, and over 600 business centers enjoy fiber-optic Internet by Ukrtelecom across the country.

The total length of Ukrtelecom’s fiber-optic network accounts for 48 thousand kilometers.

The engineering upgrade of the Ukrtelecom’s infrastructure is underway in the largest cities, where more than 350.000 subscribers have already been switched to the upgraded network.

Last year’s investment in development totaled almost UAH 950 million. In 2017, Ukrtelecom transferred some UAH 1.795 billion of taxes and charges to the different level budgets.

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