Home Business Digital Screens Designs an App for Kyivstar Subscribers’ Watching Football Broadcasts

Digital Screens Designs an App for Kyivstar Subscribers’ Watching Football Broadcasts

Digital Screens
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The leader of the telecom market “Kyivstar” in partnership with the Digital Screens launches a new app for its subscribers – “Kyivstar Football” with unlimited access to the TV channels “Football 1” and “Football 2”.

This new app allows Kyivstar subscribers to watch live football matches on the channels “Football 1” and “Football 2”, as well as to read news and interesting facts about football clubs, matches of the Ukrainian Premier League, and national championships of other countries, among others.

“With the advent of 4G in Ukraine, watching video and listening to music in high quality and at any time will become very easy. And, in order to provide our subscribers with access to high-quality licensed content, and without mobile Internet billing, we work out new services, such as “Kyivstar Football”, as reported on by Pavel Daniman, CMO at Kyivstar.

The streaming consumption growth is fast enough. So, while the streaming share in 2016 was 33% of all data traffic within the Kyivstar network, it totaled already 41% in 2017.

“For us, the basic principles are the quality of content we offer to our audience and its availability. Today, all football fans are looking forward to matches of Ukrainian clubs in European Cups, as well as decisive matches in the Top European championships. The quintessence of the whole football season will be the final of the Champions League in Kiev. All this content will be available, including in a new user-friendly app”, as commented by Alexander Denisov, Director of the TV channels “Football 1” and “Football 2”.

Subscribers to “Bezlim Maximum”, “Bezlimim Extra”, “Bezlim Silver”, “Bezlim Gold”, “Bezlim Platinum” and “Kyivstar All Together. Extra” can enjoy the benefits of the app for free in the “Light” Pack. Subscribers to other tariff plans can connect the Premium Pack to watch football without any mobile Internet billing simultaneously on 5 devices. The price of the package for prepaid subscribers is 15 hryvnias for 7 days, while for contract subscribers it is 49 hryvnias per month.

The app is available to download on your smartphone in Play Market and App Store.

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