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“1+1 Media” Brings to Market an Online Copyright Protect Solution

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The “1+1 Media” Group launched a new commercial product SUDUM, a technological and legal system for protecting copyright on the Internet, which blocks illegal copies of video content on websites, popular social networking platforms and video hosting services. This was announced to the Mediasat by the media group’s press office.

As told to our reporter, SUDUM searches for illegal copies of video in online environment 24/7 in automatic mode. After detecting a pirated version of the content, the software sends a complaint to the website, hosting provider, social network administration. The system is monitored by “1+1 Media”’s operators to avoid accidental blocking of legal content.

Initially, SUDUM was developed by the Digital Department to protect the media holding’s own content from pirates. After the system’s first operating year, “1+1 Media” managed to achieve an efficiency of 94% in terms of cleaning illegal copies around the web: 200 thousand copies were removed, and the income from the traffic growth on the Group’s online platforms increased by 40%.

“Online piracy is a vital problem for copyright holders, and one of the main reasons for receiving fewer earnings. Nowadays, content producers are joining their efforts to address this problem. It is essential for us to be a company that not only fights against pirates, but also offers its solutions to the business for combating them. We have a vast experience in protecting our content and we are open to share it with other copyright holders’ businesses”, as pointed out by Anna Tkachenko, Chief Digital Officer at “1+1 Media.

Today, the solution is able to protect copyright holders’ interests in RuNet and UaNet, and the “1+1 Media”’s early adopters to protect their copyright with SUDUM were the companies like KINOMANIA, KINOLIFE Distribution, Must See Movie and Ukrainian Film Distribution.

The plans for the development of SUDUM include expanding the types of content to protect by the system: audio files, texts, images. In addition and in case of success on the Ukrainian market, “1+1 Media” targets at offering its solution to foreign copyrights holders.

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