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TV Channels of “Media Group Ukraine” to Broadcast Ukrainian Super Cup Matches over the Next Three Years



The “Media Group Ukraine” and the Ukrainian Premier League have signed a new long-term agreement for the next three years to broadcast the main match of the Ukrainian football season by the same TV channels “Ukraina” and “Football 1”/ “Football 2”.

The Super Cup match is the opening of the football season in Ukraine. This is a duel between the two best teams, i.e. the champion and the cup winner. These matchups stand out for a lot of struggle, high-class football and emotions. For three years running, the main match of the Ukrainian season has been broadcasted by the TV channels of the “Media Group Ukraine”. The reliable partnership between the Group’s channels and the Ukrainian Premier League provided a basis for further cooperation over another 3 years. Thus, the Ukrainian Super Cup matches 2018, 2019 and 2020 will be broadcasted by the channels “Ukraina”, “Football 1”/ “Football 2”.

Victoria Korogod, CEO at TV channel “Ukraina”: “Football broadcasts on the national channel “Ukraina” is an opportunity for millions of fans across the country to watch the most spectator, rivalry and exciting world-class duels. Super Cup matches on our channel traditionally engage an audience of a million, and the extension of the contract with the Ukrainian Premier League will allow us to go on meeting efficiently demands of our viewers.”

Alexander Denisov, Director of the TV channels “Football 1” and “Football 2”: “According to the regulations, the Super Cup match is a duel between the champion and the cup winner, which means that we, as a broadcaster, are guaranteed to meet the two best teams of Ukraine for the next three years. This fully complies with our content policy, i.e. broadcasting top-matches on an exclusive basis. Over the past three years of our fruitful cooperation with the UPL, the Ukrainian Super Cup has become one of the main football shows in the country, broadcasted using the most advanced technology. Last year, we were the first in Ukraine to use VR in our broadcasts of the football match, available to our audience in 360-degree format. We are constantly moving forward and are not going to pause. And the extension of the agreement is a proof of our joint strategic goal to offer our TV audience a product of the highest quality”.

TV channels “Ukraina”, “Football 1” and “Football 2” are the official broadcasters of the Ukrainian Football Super Cup.