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Ten Radio Stations Start T-DAB Broadcasting in Kyiv

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On March 29, the National Broadcasting Council completed the tendering process for digital broadcasting in Kiev. It resulted in issuing T-DAB broadcast licenses to ten radio stations, and three of them are public broadcasting projects. All licenses issued to TV and radio companies will be valid for 7 years, as stated on the National Council’s official website.

The right to broadcast in digital format was granted to all companies that submitted their bids. In the multiplex that was put out to tender, there were 14 lots, but 4 lots were not bidden. As a result, the regulatory authority decided to suspend tendering for the remaining frequencies. It is expected that a new tender for the remaining four lots will be announced at the next scheduled meeting of the National Broadcasting Council.

So in the near future, Kyiv radio audience can receive a digital signal of the following radio stations: “Radio Maria”, “Old Fashioned Radio”, “Zemlya”, “Hype Radio”, “Kraina FM”, “Digital One”, “Radio Ukraine”, “Radio Promin”, “Radio Culture” and “Radio Meydan”.

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a digital audio broadcasting standard used in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. DAB or Eureka-147 was meant to be similar to the DVB TV standard. It was supposed to design several versions of the above standard, but the most widespread were terrestrial DAB versions, therefore the acronym T-DAB (that is, Terrestrial) is commonly used.

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