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Discovery Broadcasts Ukrainian-Made Content

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The TV content distributor MK-Distribution (MK Media Group’s business unit) signed an agreement with the TV giant Discovery Networks (Asia-Pacific Branch). This was announced to the Mediasat reporter by the company’s press office.

The cooperation started with the acquisition of rights to the Group’s own kids show Mouse Science 13×11 minutes (produced by MeetMinds Studio, 2017). This is a 13-episode puppet show for children between 4 and 7 years old. Each episode presents two puppet mice, the jolly know-it-all Professor Quiz and his happy-go lucky lab assistant Chasey, who answer children’s questions in the form of video messages. These are questions about everyday problems and adult bans that kids face daily, but they cannot solve them on their own, as they are associated with certain physical and chemical phenomena, the children are not aware of. The show features the above phenomena and educates in an entertainment format.

“The MK Media Group’s team was enthusiastic to learn that our favorite mice with their experiments would now please the Discovery channel’s audience. It was a challenge for us, and we gained a huge experience. For the Ukrainian media market, this is a new stage in the international distribution, and we are happy that MK Media Group takes an active part in this process”, as commented on by Artem Zapolsky, Chief Sales and Procurement Officer.

The “Mouse Science” will be also broadcasted in Czech on the main Czech TV channel Česká Televize.

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