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Dart Pro-Weider: for a bright future and against the transition to the dark side

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Leaving the most “tasty” in the end is already a good tradition. This is how we systematically got to the last but no less steep team that took part in the foresight of the Telecommunications Chamber of Ukraine “#Antigravity_3: a jump into the future.” And, accordingly, we are ready to tell you what the telecom operator of the future will look like in seven years.

The team “Dart Pro-Weider” consisted of five hedgehoppers of digital communications: Nikolay Feingold (StarLight Digital), Ignat Sergut (lifecell), Vitaly Chaban (DC Parkovy), Alexander Nigovsky (Freenet) and the team leader – Vadim Sidorenko (Triolan).

This team became an action-leader: the appearance on the stage was accompanied by the Imperial march of the Star Wars, the helmet proudly hung on the flipchart. Fortunately, everything went without blasters and lightsabers 🙂

Initially, the team outlined in general terms the state of the economy of Ukraine in the (not) distant 2025:

– The subscriber base of Ukrainian Internet providers will exceed 300 million people.

– But there will be problems such as low monthly fee in the province of Moscow – about three hundred hryvnia per month.

– There will be problems with a surplus of personnel – guest workers from Silicon Valley simply will not have much to do.

– In the province of Germany will steal a telecommunication cable, so repair teams will have to acquire Tesla to increase the speed of response to accidents.

– And the worst thing is that in Chukotka people will still be trying to pay for services in rubles.

And now about the main thing! So, under the terms of the game, the Dart Pro-Weider team needed to name at least three major events that should occur in the next three years and that would significantly affect the entire telecom market in Ukraine. In their opinion, this is:

  • Encoding of the satellite signal by media groups, it will affect the providers of the software service;
  • Issuance of licenses for LTE in the radio frequency bands 600-900 MHz, it will affect the cellular coverage in the country;
  • Channels will be broadcast on the networks of providers in HD format, it will emphasize the difference from on-air content;
  • Internet of Things systems will already be implemented and there will be full-fledged work projects;
  • After three years, eSIM will be actively used, it will undoubtedly affect the further development of IoT;
  • Full-scale transition to blockchain (starting with state registries and ending with smart contracts for business).

The next task was “To indicate at least FIVE changes that will occur with the existing operators of telecommunication services of Ukraine until 2025”. So:

  • First of all, the team noted that by that time there will not be providers in the usual sense for us, but there will be providers of digital services;
  • In the telecom market convergence and consolidation;
  • From 30% to 50% of subscribers who buy a basic social package of TV from a software service provider will switch to a free T2 digital broadcast, and providers will concentrate on subscribers with higher income levels;
  • Each digital service provider at that time will be required to be able to maintain the Internet of things systems, in other words – if the provider’s employee cannot set up a smart refrigerator for the customer, then such a provider has no future;
  • There will be a personalization of offers based on Bigdat;
  • Blockchain-based smart contracts will be used everywhere;
  • The number of interactive TV content will increase, that is, the viewer (sitting on a soft sofa at home) will be able to directly participate in the TV show;
  • Gaming will be even more popular.

And the last task set by Dart Pro-Weider is to voice at least five quantitative indicators and their values, which will most fully describe the state of the telecommunications services market in 2025:

  • The subscriber base of users of TV services will comprise about 6.5 million households, of which 3 million are users of OTT services;
  • More than 200 million IoT-based devices;
  • The use of cloud services will increase one hundred or five hundred times. It is worth noting: three of the four teams agreed on the idea that soon everything will go to the clouds, but the user team honestly admitted that the user doesn’t really care how and where the content will be placed, if only they can use it conveniently ;
  • Revenues of providers will grow to the European level (and this indicator met with applause);
  • And the last indicator – predicted 20% of the people will enjoy the virtual reality.

We sincerely thank the “Dart Pro-Weider” team for the excellent game, and may the force be with you to implement all the changes and innovations you described!

Exactly in seven years we can all compare the results of foresight with reality. In the meantime, the market has the opportunity to arm themselves with fresh knowledge and ideas so that as many “predictions” as possible come true;)

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