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Ukrainian Providers Have to Raise Internet Fee

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The prices will rise by some 25% by the middle of this year. It was announced by Alexander Fedyenko, Chairman of the Board of the Internet Association of Ukraine, in his interview with the TV channel “Ukraina”, as Ukrinform reports.

According to Mr. Fedyenko, the coming price rise for Internet packages in Ukraine was due to inflation. The Chairman of UIA explained that the Internet traffic was bought for currency, thus the increase in its value would subsequently affect the tariffs.

He also remarked that even in terms of the coming price rise, the Internet in Ukraine would remain the cheapest one in Europe. When Ukrainians pay some $ 3-4 for a package, then the cost of the same set of services starts with $20 abroad.

Let us recall that the Internet provider “Volya” announced the fee increase in February.

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