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Kazakhstan Gets Prepared to 5G Testing

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Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, announced launching a pilot project on implementing the fifth generation network this year. After that testing, the deadlines for providing 5G coverage in the country will be announced, as BNews.kz informs.

The Minister pointed out that as part of 5G network works, the country would rapidly develop the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality technology.

Mr. Abayev also emphasized that Kazakhstan had begun to build fiber-optic lines for rural areas last year. According to projections, over 3,000 villages will be provided with the fourth generation network before 2021.

Long term, Kazakhstan is focused on international cooperation on a fiber-optic highway project to connect China and Southeast Asia with Europe. The country has already initiated negotiations with Azerbaijan, planning to build communication lines along the Caspian Sea floor.

As Mediasat featured before, Kazakhstan launched a large-scale national program Digital Kazakhstan in 2018. The government created the Astana-Hub technology park within the above project. Today, Astana-Hub manages 140 projects involving 1,200 participants and 42 investors.

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