Home Business “Anti-gravity” margin: follow the instruction number 5!

“Anti-gravity” margin: follow the instruction number 5!

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If you have noticed, Telecommunications chamber of Ukraine, as the organizer of the game, constantly works to ensure that each new #Antigravity doesn`t look like the previous ones both in format and assignments. For 2.5 years, we have already managed to “play around” with solutions to global and local problems of the industry, created a panacea for the most sensitive issues of telecom providers, and designed our future in the autumn foresight. And we even managed to notice that some reasonable things (I am not talking about IoT now) have spread to the masses and are beginning to find their application. Yes, we are very happy that we are creating new trends, but! This time we wanted to remind the participants of the Lviv TIM-TU2019 conference that no matter how well any company worked (no matter it’s a provider or a TV channel), there can always be some unforeseen situation, getting out of which you should first think about those for who you work – about your subscribers / viewers / customers. And now it’s time to share with you the story of what was our next (already the fourth) #Antigravity “Mission: impossible!”.

So, more to the point. Today I will talk about a team consisting of representatives of the media industry, which until recently was kept in intrigue and only at the beginning of the game they faced the fact: “Congratulations, at now you are a telecom operator!”. The shocked “lucky ones” did not lose their head. In the first part of the game they quickly invented a brand, slogan, commercial, and seriously expected what would happen next. Alexander Dovgan, Vitaly Dombrovsky, Katerina Fedorova, Nikolai Fayengold, Elena Zavalnuk, Konstantin Novitsky, Yevgeny Adamenko, Oleg Bondarenko and Yulia Antoniuk took over the management of the newly-made telecommunications provider “UAI”.

Video advertising looked like the visit of the first spoiled subscriber to the customer service department. Lustful look at the services of TV, Internet and chat bots was interrupted by the sales manager (originally from the 90s nicknamed “Antibiotic”), asking the key question: “Well, is there money, will we renew?”. To which the “client” proudly replied: “Yes, I am with you forever!”. Isn’t that nice? ☺

We continue. According to the legend, the UAI provider already has a decent number of subscribers who buy the Internet, TV services and love their digital service provider. The next stage of the game was the task associated with checking our team’s readiness to overcome difficulties and justify the love of its subscribers. In short, the task was this:

Prehistory. The country is undergoing intense presidential elections, has already passed the first round. His results were surprise to everyone! The two candidates, who came out in the second round, agreed to an open live debate, although there is a high probability of provocation and disruption of the debate.

Story. All UAI subscribers are looking forward to the live broadcast of the finalists of the presidential race, which will begin at eight in the evening on one of the television channels in the popular package, as well as live on a special YouTube channel of the provider. Suddenly, 5 minutes before the start of the ether, a large-scale dDos-attack begins on the company’s product servers and main routers, which results in the complete loss of the Internet and TV signal from all subscribers! And according to the classics of the genre, trouble does not come alone: as evil, the technical director quit, and all 4 sysadmins who were urgently called were stuck in the lift between the third and second floors. Feel the scale of the disaster, friends…

The task. For 15 minutes, a team of media workers needed to come up with an action plan to eliminate force majeure, and most importantly, prepare a message for subscribers, the team (investors) and power structures (regulator), which will give an explanation of the force majeure situation and how the provider went out. This message should convince everyone that UAI are able to get out of difficult situations and remain the best provider.

Decision. I`ll tell the truth, I personally believed that the team was ready to urgently and without panic overcome any incidents, while maintaining maximum loyalty to its customers.

Nikolai Feingold: “Guys, I congratulate you, we finally had a real emergency – we were cut down! We act according to the rules of the instruction number 5”.

Alexander Dovgan: “Legal Department. We are preparing for the morning a formal response to the current situation for the security forces, they will wait.”

Yulia Antonyuk: “I, as the head of the call-center, will distribute for all my subordinates to the CO, according to which they should convince callers to the maximum that services will soon be restored and they will see the long-awaited debates on their TV screens.”

Elena Zavalniuk: “Push messages will be sent to our subscribers within three minutes.”

Katerina Fedorova: “I’m going to negotiate with the TV channel so that they give us the recording of the broadcast in ten minutes.”

Then high technologies come to the rescue: subscribers receive links to the provider’s mobile application, which explains the situation and further actions. ”

Konstantin Novitsky: “After 10 seconds, the software is launched against dDos attacks, after 20 seconds, diesel generators are started, which bring backup servers to work with backups, due to which the service is restored. After one second, all customers receive a push message that the service has been resumed. The next second, all employees receive automatic messages with instructions for further actions of each of them. ”

Nikolai Faengold: “The service has been restored, the record of the debates has been posted on our resources, and everyone (including our competitors) receives the following message: “Well, did you expect the debate? Yes, it was hot! Even us hooked. But everything is restored, see the record of debates after few minutes.”

And now that final phrase, which should be at the head of everything:

“Maybe it didn’t work out as much as the rival team did … But we took the issue seriously because our customers are ALL for us!” Well, how did the competitors have fun, I will write later ☺

By tradition – thanks to the players for the excitement in their eyes and ingenuity in their heads. And to everyone who has read this paragraph, we advise you to remember this publication, but never get into a similar situation!

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