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How much time do Ukrainians spend on media consumption?

  This year people around the world will spend 9 hours per day on media. A new “Media consumption” forecast, prepared by ZenithOptimedia, shows that an...

Revenue of legal video services in Russia will increase in future

  The analysts of J’son & Partners Consulting published the results of their research on last years’ operation of Russian services, providing a legal access...
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Eurosport and Eurosport 2 may soon earn on advertising in Russia

TV channels Eurosport and Eurosport 2, retransmitted by cable and satellite operators, will be able to place advertising in their air-time, as Andrey Kashevarov,...

CTC Media transfers its assets to the Russian Federation

  «CTC Media» has reorganized its business, and as the result the Media Holding’s Russian companies passed into the ownership of CTC Investments, as
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OTT service Divan.TV presented its financial report

The interactive television service Divan.TV got achievements on the OTT market in Ukraine and around the world. They say it is only the beginning. Divan.TV...

VPN counts off

In the domestic VPN market the four leaders control over 80%. VPN has been developing more actively in the international destination, and within the...
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Pay TV loses 60% of advertising earnings

The legislative amendments passed by the State Duma of Russia, which veto advertising on cable and satellite TV channels, and then its partial come...

One of the well-known TV content producers can pass into the ownership of Gazprom...

Despite the financial losses of over RUR 2 billion, the Gazprom-Media Corporation intends to increase its assets. According to the Vedomosti newspaper’s data, the Holding...

Year 2014 resulted unprofitable for «Gazprom-Media»

The Gazprombank’s reported data for 2014 revealed that Gazprom-Media Holding (GPM) experienced losses amounting RUR 2,094 billion due to purchasing ProfMedia Ltd., as
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Advertisers leave the Russian TV advertising market

Starting this year the TV advertising market of Russia has been abandoned by 12 advertisers. The experts are not so optimistic in their conclusions,...






Mobile DVB-T/T2 tuner for Android-devices: AverTV Mobile 510

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The development of digital terrestrial television in Ukraine had been slipping for a long time because of number of reasons. But on January 13,...

Netflix acquired the rights to show the series “The Servant of...

  American stream TV service Netflix has acquired the rights to show the series "The servant of the people" produced by "Kvartal 95" Studio, and...

DTH market in Ukraine: Current Situation

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Report on the International Conference "Technologies of satellite communication and broadcasting", which took place on October 22, 2014 during EEBC-2014. Before we analyze the situation...