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Vodafone Mobile Traffic Grows Twentyfold

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Vodafone online traffic has grown twentyfold since the start of building mobile broadband Internet networks. Moreover, in 2018, the operator’s subscribers consumed traffic twice as much as the year before, as the company’s press office informs.

“At year-end 2018, Vodafone customers turned out the most active Internet users, i.e., the Vodafone data client consumes 3.2 GB of traffic per month on average. Kyiv ranked the most active Internet city, i.e. the metropolitan customers actually use some 1.5PB of mobile Internet monthly. The second and third position in terms of online activity is occupied by Kharkiv and Dnipro, which generate almost half as much traffic as Kyiv”, as the press release states.

The company itself correlates the growth of the above activity with attractive subscription plans, as well as the rise of 4G and the coverage expansion of the third-generation network in Ukraine.

Let us recall that Vodafone has recently estimated its investment of over UAH 20 billion in the development of broadband Internet over three years, upgrading its equipment and setting up additional 3G and 4G base stations.

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