Home Business Gyorgy Zsembery leaves the office of CEO at VOLIA

Gyorgy Zsembery leaves the office of CEO at VOLIA

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On 1 July 2019, Gyorgy Zsembery leaves the office of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the telecom company VOLIA. This was reported to Mediasat by the operator’s press office.

Gyorgy Zsembery got a new appointment outside Ukraine, but will go on making contribution to the development of VOLIA as Vice Executive Chairman. Over the 6 years of his supervising company’s transformation, VOLIA has risen from a local cable provider to a national leader in digital entertainment,” as the company states.

Gyorgy hands over the company’s operations management to Anton Dzyubenko, who held the position of Director of Customer Relationship Department at VOLIA until September 2017, being directly involved in many changes that allowed the company to achieve top results.

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After VOLIA, Anton gained new experience outside Ukraine as CEO at TV Play Baltic, where he ran Pay TV business of Providence in the Baltics, being responsible for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

“Thanks to Gyorgy for his excellent work over the last 6 years. We will continue to use his skills and experience as Vice Executive Chairman of VOLIA. Welcome to Anton, who has gained a rewarding experience, both in VOLIA and TV Play Baltics, to succeed in all his new challenges,” as remarked by Pierre Danon, Executive Chairman of VOLIA.

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