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“Anti-gravity” markings in the fields: a modern country for every citizen!

Antigravity Telecom DreamLand
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I absolutely can’t believe that the Telecommunications chamber of Ukraine has already managed to host the fifth business game #Antigravity. This time everything was special:  strong teams,  an atmospheric place – one of the best beach complexes in Odessa, a special theme of the game is the creation of the digital country Telecom DreamLand!

First, a small legend, and then we will talk about the results of the game in all the details. So, imagine: world society has decided to divide all the countries of the world into spheres of activity (remember, as in the Middle Ages: farmers, artisans, but better). And so our four teams were honored to lead the country under the modest name of “Telecom DreamLand.”

We decided not to make the game complicated, so the distribution of branches of power was similar to most European countries, including Ukraine. The teams themselves, using the “blind method”, chose a specific DreamLand branch of power (conditionally):

  • Administration of the President;
  • Parliament;
  • Government (Cabinet of Ministers);
  • Mass media (what does the mass media have to do with it? They are a very important link between the government and the people).

Today we will talk about the presidential branch of Telecom DreamLand and the team, which included Irina Ovcharenko (NetAssist), Vadim Alimov (Maximum-Net), Evgeniy Belous (Global Technologies of Ukraine) and Alexander Shikov (DTEL-IX).

The first warm-up task was the presentation of the slogan (motto) of the President’s team for the “residents” of the digital country with a maximum of five words. If you guessed it, the motto sounded like “A modern country for every citizen!”. Briefly, concisely and accurately, agree?

The second task was more complicated and serious: the Telecom Dreamland presidential team needed to make a list of 5 tasks that would improve the digital environment of the state, but which would not go beyond the presidential powers and raise the country’s rating in the international arena.

At the beginning of the presentation of the second assignment, the guys recalled the two main functions of the President of Telecom DreamLand – international relations and domestic security. The players formulated five points like this:

– Information security, that is, the rating of the country outside. The presidential team is obliged in every possible way to show the world that in Dreamland everything is fine, and to keep silent about those things where the digital country does not catch up with other countries. Therefore, an information policy is the main target that the President’s team will lobby.

– Focus on PR: other countries should know that Telecom Dreamland telecommunication companies have huge potential for providing quality services. Therefore, the second task of the presidential team is to create flexible conditions for the telecom market in order to attract international investors.

– Dreamland’s investment climate. The main purpose of this point: let other investors and their money quickly, and most important – safely enter our (ie Dreamland) market. The second, no less important purpose – the regulatory framework should be comfortable for foreign investors. “And we also need transparent and understandable rules of the game on the market,” the guys added and cast an insidious look at the Telecom DreamLand Parliament team (oh, holy switches, everything is like in real life 🙂 ).

– Minute of geography. The guys are sure that the team of President Dreamland should focus on the geographical position of the country (it is funny that the presenters did not indicate exactly where this miracle state would live). The guys by default took the territory of Ukraine as an example, given its good location on the world map: the Black Sea, where you can build a landing station and create your own digital silk road.

– Trump ace. These are (according to the team) the brains of first-class specialists. People who live in a digital country will definitely defeat all competitors in the market with the right approach and high qualifications. People who generate ideas, startups that implement them and create added value. And how beautifully noticed, most of these people were at that moment with us in the hall 😉

I remind you that these were the results of the Presidential Telecom DreamLand team in the game # Antigravity 5.0! A question for readers who have read to the end: are you ready to be a resident of the digital state, where the president sets himself such mission?

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