XSight, the first Augmented Reality social app
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-Mobile app to connect with people and places in AR
-PokemonGO-like social app – “point, click & message”
-The Ironman helmet is now available for everyone!

XSight, the first Augmented Reality social app, has just released on Product Hunt and attracts early adopters who are ready to meet the future. It allows users to instantly see information about things that surround them using smartphone camera. Point your camera to a person, cafe or taxi, tap on it and message it instantly.

Guys are determined to work closely with a community so every single feedback matters. You can use the Feedback Button directly on the main screen of the application.

Our reasons to create XSight are quite simple. We hate spending time finding information – lazy just as everyone else” says Sergii Kozyrev, Founder&CEO at XSight

“We help young people to connect, become recognisable, and interact online based on what they see in the real world” says Sergii Kozyrev, Founder&CEO at XSight

As for confidentiality, XSight doesn’t use any Personally identifiable information to recognise people, instead we use our in-house Onion Recognition algorithm. As for innovations, XSight is the first social solution that shows AR holograms on top of moving objects in real-time. It means that an AR hologram will follow the object which it represents (person or transport) in real-time. Also, we continuously run multiple ML models on the device.

About XSight

XSight is a Ukraine/Australia based startup with a vision to “Blend Virtual & Real Worlds”. XSight team includes engineers from Amazon, Facebook and Atlassian, ML expert from ReFace, game studio founder, Android & iOS architects who managed 100+ people, Tech Speakers and trainers. They have a great team and all the potential to become the next big thing. They are focused on a journey to save time and enable new ways to search & interact through an AR camera app. 

You can download the app for free from Apple AppStore and Google Play Market

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