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TV Channel “UNIAN” Passes to Wide-Screen Broadcasting

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On the first day of the coming summer, the TV channel “UNIAN”, focused mainly on male audience, starts broadcasting with TV picture proportions of 16:9.

On June 1 of this year, the TV channel “UNIAN” changes its TV broadcasting format from the common 4:3 to the wide-screen one 16:9 of standard definition (SD). The change in broadcasting standard will take place at 11:00 Kyiv time, as stated in the channel’s letter, sent to the content providers (its copy is available to the Mediasat).

“The satellite broadcasting of the channel “UNIAN” will be propagated in the standard-definition format (SD) in the form of anamorphic image (AR) with proportions of 16:9. We recommend that the TV signal would be retransmitted in the cable networks (analog and digital) in the form of an AR-image, that is, in the original format 16:9 (without changes, conversion and interpolation”, as the letter states.

The TV channel “UNIAN” is incorporated into the 1+1 Media holding. It is designed primarily for male TV audience. Its broadcasting time consists of news, analytical and journalistic items, documentaries, sports and movies.

Let us recall that on June 1, the TV channel “2+2” also starts broadcasting in the wide-screen format. Switching TV channels to the standard 16:9 is the 1+1 Media holding’s general strategy for introducing modern broadcasting standards in the Ukrainian market.