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Marina Prigornitskaya
Since 2016 she has been working as Deputy Director of TelPU for Public Relations. The total experience of event- and PR-manager in telecommunications is more than 7 years.

“Anti-gravity” markings in the fields: full, drunk and without a button accordion!

“A strange name for publishing about a business game ...” - you will think, but this is #Antigravity. Yes, we continue the story about...
Antigravity Telecom DreamLand

“Anti-gravity” markings in the fields: a modern country for every citizen!

I absolutely can’t believe that the Telecommunications chamber of Ukraine has already managed to host the fifth business game #Antigravity. This time everything was...

“Anti-gravity” margin: follow the instruction number 5!

If you have noticed, Telecommunications chamber of Ukraine, as the organizer of the game, constantly works to ensure that each new #Antigravity doesn`t look...

Dart Pro-Weider: for a bright future and against the transition to the dark side

  Leaving the most "tasty" in the end is already a good tradition. This is how we systematically got to the last but no less...

Honest portrait: how telecom-consumer will look like in 2025

Speaking of technology, regulation and many other things, our market is doomed to perish if we do not listen to the key character...

Tram #5 is sent to the Anti-gravity route, the end station is “Self-regulation”

  The Telecommunications Chamber of Ukraine continues to share smart thoughts from the foresight players "#Antigravity_3: a jump into the future". Well, as you may...

“Antigravity” Notes on the Margins: Techno-Trends by Seductive Panda-Gang

  If the title of the article makes you slightly perplexed, it is just for a time. After reading couple of lines you will understand...






Mobile DVB-T/T2 tuner for Android-devices: AverTV Mobile 510

aver tv
The development of digital terrestrial television in Ukraine had been slipping for a long time because of number of reasons. But on January 13,...

Netflix acquired the rights to show the series “The Servant of...

  American stream TV service Netflix has acquired the rights to show the series "The servant of the people" produced by "Kvartal 95" Studio, and...

DTH market in Ukraine: Current Situation

DTH satellite
Report on the International Conference "Technologies of satellite communication and broadcasting", which took place on October 22, 2014 during EEBC-2014. Before we analyze the situation...