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Honest portrait: how telecom-consumer will look like in 2025

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Speaking of technology, regulation and many other things, our market is doomed to perish if we do not listen to the key character – the consumer!

Today we will talk about how, during #Antigravitation_3, five wonderful representatives of telecom and media business came together as a team “FICHIES: squeezing the maximum!” and acted as such an important market participant as a consumer of telecommunication services. We present our brave and creative players: Yana Bakun (StarLigh Media), Bogdana Piven (NKRZI), Svetlana Smolyanyuk (Vodafone UA), Alena Sotnikova (StarLigh Media) and Ellina Shnurko-Tabakova (NGO RIK) – team-lider.

Fichies needed to name:

  • mass-needs, whech to be satisfied by telecommunication services in 2025;
  • telecommunication services that these mass-needs will satisfy;
  • and also indicate those qualities that will represent the greatest consumer value for home and corporate users in 2025.

The ladies presentation began from compiling a psychological portrait of a typical telecom services user of the future.

Ellina Shnurko-Tabakova: “I am not interested in the names of your new services and what laws must be adopted to implement them. The user wants to work, relax, study and be treated comfortably, and you must provide him with this comfort. ”

Bogdana Piven: “Health is the most valuable for every person, so the user must be sure that at any time, thanks to the online assistant, he will be able to find the right medical specialist for himself, to establish interrelation with him and as soon possible get the necessary medical care”.

Alena Sotnikova: “The user of the future just wants to be able to register once in the system and receive all the available services from it. For example: a family where there is a child (even if they change their place of residence) using this system will be able to read reviews about kindergarten teachers online, select the most suitable kindergarten teacher based on them, and also pay for kindergarten services there. The same applies to schools and other educational institutions”.

Yana Bakun: “I, as a user of 2025, want entertainment! I want to choose and pay for a trip to Disneyland from my personal account, I want to watch my favorite TV channels by pressing just one button. I want my multicomplex platform to feel me in the future and provide me with the entertainment that I want”.

Svetlana Smolyanyuk: “As a business representative, I want to use the opportunity to sign contracts using Mobile ID and digital keys, while taking care of nature and the environment. I want my business communications to be possible from anywhere in the world, as well as as fast as possible, as convenient as possible and as secure as possible without outside interventions”.

The girls continued to voice their consumer wishlist:

  • The user of 2025 wants to register only once in a normal user-friendly interface, to get a tool to solve his entertainment, civil, business needs (electronic voting in elections, ongoing online training, etc.);
  • Fichies see this interface as a separate virtual “ecosystem”, they even gave it the name “Digital Space”. Each “inhabitant” of this ecosystem should not only have his own personal online assistant: the user must set up his account only once, develop and customize it for himself, pay at “one cash desk”, in a given mode, receive analytics of the effectiveness of his digital life ( how productively the user spends his money, uses his time and, for example, performs his parental duties);
  • Yes, according to the girls, the service will be rather complicated, but at the same time comfortable, because the competition for such a user will be quite strong.
  • The system should also have easy navigation through the content and services, and at the same time have a single password for everything (including payment systems);
  • Regarding anonymity. The user can buy it separately: for surfing on social networks or on porn resources. And access to user data can only be obtained by the police according to a certain legal procedure and in case of urgent need.

A separate topic is the children’s version of this service: the minimum set of services for the gradual learning of a child using the Digital Space system under parental control. But, on the other hand, children (whose parents at that time will already be in old age) will be able to monitor their parents themselves (place of movement, state of health, etc.).

Also, in a separate line, the user has the possibility of accessing pornographic content through this system, which will provide: a) a choice, b) anonymity, c) comfort, d) taxes to the state 😉

What the team says about paying for such a service: access to the system should be provided once, and the actual use time should be sold: one month should be expensive, but access to the end of life – (figuratively speaking) will coast a penny.

How team sees the technical side of meeting the needs of the user of the future:

  • reliable communication channels;
  • the user should not wait at all for a long connection as a signal from space: three minutes to and three – from);
  • the user will not understand where he has 5G, where 10G, and where something else, it does not need him;
  • the user does not have to spend his time searching and navigating;
  • the price should correspond to the set of desired services, and the minimum package should be socially accessible for everyone (in Ukraine by 2025 there should be no citizens without access to the Internet and corresponding devices regardless of the income level of each).

Probably, gratitude words alone will not be enough for the girls, because their performance had the applause, and captain Ellina Shnurko-Tabakova was awarded the prize for the best performance. At the end, Alexander Baranov took the floor and summed up the line so beautifully: “The girls now called the most important thing that awaits us in our technocratic future! No telecommunications, no any frequencies will be interesting for anyone. Everyone will care about the final product and piece intelligence (online assistant), which will help us to meet our needs! And the consumer will be at the head of everything! ”


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