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Hromadske Radio is on air


The radio station starts terrestrial broadcasting in Kyiv and around the city.

Hromadske Radio can be actually listened to  in the FM-range. On the night of November 1, the radio launched test broadcasting on the frequency of 70.4 MHz and using a transmitter of 4 kW. To receive the Hromadske Radio’s broadcasting signal it is required a FM-receiver with extended range of 64 – 108 MHz.
Kirill Lukerenko, the Editor-in-chief of Hromadske Radio commented as follows: Hromadske Radio became a terrestrial radio, and the radio listeners in Kyiv gain an increased variety of programs. I hope that our broadcastings will be interesting to those people who want to possess their own opinion about the situation in the city and in the country. We are ready to provide people with such immediate, proved and unbiased information, as our radio is not ruled by governmental agencies, oligarchic or political parties. We are currently carrying out test broadcasting and settling technical and organizational issues at the same time. But the main thing is that we are already on air.
Hromadske Radio was previously available to listen just on the Internet and at frequencies of partner stations. But after winning the tender held by the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council, the station obtained a license for 7-year broadcasting in the capital. The radio also plans to start operating in Donbas by the end of November this year.
We shall recall that recently Homadske Radio carried out test satellite broadcasting.