Home Telecommunication Russian cybercriminals suspected in attempting to attack STB

Russian cybercriminals suspected in attempting to attack STB

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The professionals at the “Kaspersky Lab”, developing antivirus security systems, detected a new kind of hacking attacks by using Word documents.

According to the company, there were identified phishing emails which were likely to be used by the Russian BlackEnergy’s cybercriminals to attack the Ukrainian TV channel STB.

Kostin Raju, Head of the Global Center for Research and Analysis of Cyber Threats at the “Kaspersky Lab”, informed that the BlackEnergy gang had already used Power Point and Excel documents for hacking attacks on Ukrainian companies.

The company’s employees suspected that Word was the next one, and now they have seen their worst expectations. Using macros in Word, the cybercriminals arrange their hacking attacks. The malicious software was also distributed by the Turla gang. According to Mr. Raju, such a widespread use of this tool unfortunately suggests that it is successful.

The cybercriminals make phishing mailing with Word documents, through which the malicious software runs the Trojan BlackEnergy via macros.

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