Home Telecommunication “Roskosmos” will set up a single space launch center

“Roskosmos” will set up a single space launch center

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The commercial service of launch vehicles will be administered by a single entity.

For an optimal regulation of relations with customers and for executing required marketing activities, the “Roskosmos” decided to set up a single center for commercial launches.

According to the corporation’s representative Igor Burenkov, referred to by the edition “Izvestia”, the established entity will deal with marketing of launching carrier rockets made in Russia. Igor Burenkov pointed out that the setup of a new operator was intended as part of the reform of the entire space rocket engineering. The corporate regulation of Russian enterprises’ activities relative to the promotion of launch services in the global telecommunications market looks quite natural and reasonable in the modern world.

Despite the actual lack of a clear vision of the new entity’s functioning system, Mr. Burenkov is sure that the single operator administering commercial launches will allow obtaining a more differentiated approach to the customers of launch services and optimal building their engagement.

Until today, as featured by the edition “Izvestia”, the Russian manufacturers have executed marketing activities in the international market on their own. The need for establishing a single entity to regulate marketing of launch services, like the “Rosoboronexport” engaged in selling weapons to foreign markets, was first mentioned in 2011 by Vladimir Popovkin (the then head of the Federal Space Agency).

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