Home Television “Inter” Starts Travel Project “Ukraine Strikes”

“Inter” Starts Travel Project “Ukraine Strikes”

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On February 4, Saturday, at 9:30, “Inter” starts the first run of the domestic travel show “Ukraine Strikes”. This is stated by the channel.

This is a family-centered show. It will be also interesting to those who are great on their country, and those who just begin to explore it. The team and the host of the project Valeria Mikulska will visit the most interesting, unusual, mysterious and even legendary corners of Ukraine and they will tell you everything they saw and experienced. They will reveal travelling secrets, will map own routes and will surely share their practical suggestions with viewers, which can not be found in any tourist brochures and on any forum.

The “Ukraine Strikes” is well known to the audience of the show “Morning with Inter”. The topic with the same name has been featuring for several years the natural phenomena, unique mystical places and fearsome legends, as well as the findings and achievements of our contemporaries about what Ukraine can impress even experienced travelers who traveled halfway round the world.

The TV audience and the film crew visited the Ukrainian Maldives and the bear reserve, the “Devil”s Canyon” in the Mykolaiv Region and the Ukrainian Dead Sea, the craftsmen’s village and the stone heart of Ukraine like the mining tourist oasis near Korostyshiv. The project team is confident that our country can and should become attractive to tourists from all over the world. Therefore, starting with this Saturday, the audience of “Inter” will get longer, brighter and more intense country tours together with the Travel show “Ukraine Strikes”.

“Within the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, declared by the UN General Assembly, Ukraine, in turn, also declared 2017 as the Year of Tourism, according to the author and host of the show Valeria Mikulska. We are in favour of these initiatives! We endorse them and are ready to prove that our country is unique and is just cut out for travelling. But to discover the beauty of our country around the world, it is required at least to explore it very well, learning to understand, appreciate and respect it. We are looking forward to seeing all of you on “Inter” on Saturday morning!

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