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Cable TV operators move to a single tariff

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As from September 1, all cable operators of Azerbaijan television introduce a single tariff to subscribers for a basic TV package, i.e. 10 manats per month. It was reported to the Trend agency by its source on the telecommunications market of Azerbaijan.

According to the interviewed person, this innovation is due to the fact that the cable operators keep settlements with foreign TV content suppliers in dollars.
The cable operators’ tariffs have not changed in fact since 2006. The issue of applying a single tariff for the basic TV package has been examined by cable operators for a long time. This is a pure economic measure, as the cable operators buy foreign content and the required technical equipment in dollars, as informed by the source.
The information about increasing the basic TV package price was confirmed the B&BTV Communications, ATV Plus, Smart TV Plus, KATV1, AileTV, Connect and other companies.
As for the changes to be undergone by the basic TV package, each operator will make its own amendments. For example, KATV1 will apply the language support of certain channels, which can be watched in English, Russian, Turkish and Spanish. The same benefits will be gained by subscribers of AileTV. In addition, the basic package of AileTV will undergo changes by 70 percent. The company intends to include in the package the most popular TV channels, actually available in the package Aile +.
Starting on September 1, the number of channels in the basic package of ATV Plus, B&BTV Communications, Connect will be also increased.

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