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MEGOGO is about to make a revolution in advertising by means of neural networks

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The online cinema MEGOGO is testing a new technology that will facilitate a breakthrough on the advertising market. The first tests will be held this autumn.
Computer vision and neural networks are currently gaining popularity worldwide. The team of the video service MEGOGO decided to be in the forefront of new technologies, and started testing these technologies for their own services.
The press release sent to the Mediasat edition specifies that it is referred to the technology for recognizing images in streaming video, which will offer new opportunities for media advertising. MEGOGO expects that the advertising innovation will allow reducing advertising burden on the video service subscribers, as well as will directly improve its efficiency. As the company emphasizes, the efficiency will be achieved due to e-commerce platforms, as well as deep targeting, advertizing cut-ins and targeting in video and TV streams, expanded content on the “second screens” and directly in media players on the main screen.
The information statement also points out that the MEGOGO team has already run a number of successful tests, which involved “running” video library through special algorithms using a learning artificial neural network. The tests resulted in obtaining hundreds of thousands of tags that recognize objects, scenes, profiles of people and their actions in video sequence with an extremely high degree of certainty.
In plain language, the artificial intelligence algorithm actually allows identifying the brand and class of a vehicle that appears in any film scene. At this point, just one small thing is lacking, and this is just to show the audience a specific ad video at the right moment.

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